Astral 100 Adult and Pediatric Ventilator

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The award-winning (Red Dot Design Award winner and Good Design Award winner 2014) Astral 100 Adult and Pediatric Ventilator has been designed for greater freedom and mobility. It weights only 7.1 lbs (3.2 kg), and thanks to the combination of its internal and external batteries, it's able to deliver an impressive 24 hour total run time (8 hours internal battery + 8 hours 1st external battery + 8 hours 2nd external battery). You can now enjoy day-to-day activities beyond your home or hospital room, safe in the knowing that Astral will be with you every step of the way.

Product Benefits:

  • Exceptional battery life and portability
  • Streamlined setup and operation
  • Excellent leak compensation
  • Provides a comprehensive picture of patient's condition
  • Intuitive, easy to read touchscreen display

Greater Freedom

Astral's discreet and lightweight design allows patients to go beyond the confines of the home or health care environment, while delivering real peace of mind to them, their clinicians and caregivers.

Confident Care

Astral offers a range of treatment options for both adult and pediatric patients. It is compatible with a variety of patient interfaces and is designed for both invasive and noninvasive applications.

Designed Efficiency

With easy setup, simple servicing and an intuitive interface, Astral has been designed to make ventilation support straightforward and efficient.

Versatile Treatment Options

Astral delivers excellence in leak and valve ventilation for invasive and noninvasive applications and provides a full suite of therapy modes to suit both adult and pediatric patients.

Simple Patient Set-Up

Astral's intuitive interface, presettable programs and setup assistant allow for fast and accurate patient setup. The QuickConnect Valve circuits have been specifically designed to reduce known and common setup errors so therapy can be delivered quickly and safely.

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